Doctor in the House

Not for nothin’, but are we the only ones who’ve noticed that within the past week, the president had polyps removed from his colon, the vice president had the battery in his pacemaker replaced, and the chief justice of the Supreme Court had a seizure?

Have all three offices ever been hospitalized before within the same week?


“Tomorrow” Signaled T.V.’s Future

Goodbye to former late night talk host Tom Snyder, whose journalistic manner and range of topic led to the revival of a genre that boosted the careers of Phil Donahue, Bob Costas, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Barbara Walters. Snyder was a link between the age of hosts such as Edward R. Murrow, David Susskind, and David Frost to the age of late, late programming the likes of Conan, Kimmel and Maher. The man gave millions a reason to hit the office yawning. Snyder was 71.


If it Ain’t Barack, Don’t Fix It

Newt sees a Clinton-Obama ticket. We don’t. Not because the leading camps are feuding now, they’re supposed to fight for votes and bank. And it isn’t as if a favorite son from Illinois wouldn’t help balance the ticket, although the Dems are gonna take Illinois regardless of who they choose for veep. We cannot, however, see Obama willing to accept a nominal office in a case where the First Spouse is, due to prior experience, the president’s chief confidant. Dick Cheney is not a figureheard vice president, any second banana to Hillary would be. A potential eight years of that is not attractive to a man who, in 2008, would only be 47 (notwithstanding the appeal of breaking a “racial” barrier).