The Heartland Won’t Implode: Gays May Marry in Iowa

In the aftermath of revelations that perfectly normal people such as Sheryl Swoopes, Neal Patrick Harris, former Gov. McGreevey, Rev. Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, and Senator Larry Craig are attracted to their own gender, Iowa rules that same sex couples may marry:

Maybe this will cause some lovers to relocate to The Breadbasket. One day we’ll look back on all this drama about gender and matrimony the way some of us view past attitudes regarding race and marriage. Truth be known, people under 25 couldn’t care less.


Decision 2007: Craig May Resign

In the moment of truth (and possibly lies), Senator Larry Craig would come under too much criticism by his constituents and his legislative colleagues if he stayed in office- and he’s lost his committee memberships anyway:

Why face the scrutiny any longer (unless your name is Alberto Gonzales)? How poetic is the justice, in that the chief beneficiary of the indiscretions of Mark Foley, Sen. David Vitter, Rep. Bob Allen, and Craig will be a woman whose husband had extramarital sex in the Oval Office?


Idahoans to Craig: Don’t Tap Foot, Step Down

Most in the Potato State want their allegedly disgraced senator to take a hike:

As do of few of his GOP congressional colleagues:

(from the CNN piece)

…Sen. John McCain, a GOP presidential candidate, called Craig’s case “disgraceful.”

“My opinion is that when you plead guilty to a crime, then you shouldn’t serve,” McCain, of Arizona, told CNN. “And that’s not a moral stand, that’s not a ‘holier-than-thou,’ it’s just a factual situation.”

Another Republican senator, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, said Craig pleaded guilty to “a crime involving conduct unbecoming a senator.”

And Rep. Peter Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said Craig should give up his Senate seat.

“The voters of Idaho elected Senator Craig to represent their state, and will decide his future in 2008 should he fail to resign,” the Michigan congressman said in a statement issued by his office. “However, he also represents the Republican Party, and I believe that he should step down, as his conduct throughout this matter has been inappropriate for a U.S. senator.”…


Buckeye Blackout: No Ohio State Football for Cincinnati Cable Subscribers

 this won’t go over well with grid fans:

Buckeyes blacked out
Network-cable fight keeps Ohio State off TV

The Big Ten Network debuts nationwide today with a robust schedule for 39 football games, 140 men’s basketball games and round-the-clock coverage of the most popular college sports conference in the country. Guess who won’t be watching: most of the 18 million cable subscribers living in the eight Big Ten states, including 650,000 Time Warner Cable subscribers in Southwest Ohio.

The high-stakes gamble over billions of programming dollars between the Big Ten Network and major cable companies has not ended with today’s launch. It has only intensified, drawing the attention of the rest of the college sports industry while continuing to keep games off television sets. Last season’s unavailable Ohio State-Indiana game on ESPNU could seem like a minor irritation to fans who might miss 18 Ohio State football and basketball games on the Big Ten Network.

“We knew it’d be like this,” Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman said. “The big deals always come down to the last second. I’m feeling pressure to get it done now. It’s not looking likely that it’s going to happen soon with Time Warner.”…