Swallow the Leader: Let’s Pile on Hillary Night

Desperate times call for desperate measures:


The question is, who, if anyone, benefited?

(an aside- the thought here is that a Subway Series between Clinton and Giuliani is not inevitable- Giuliani, like many Northeasterners, has the earmarks of a weak national campaigner. In addition, American anti-war sentiment flows against a candidate who is receiving foreign policy advice from Norman Podhoretz- even if that candidate is a Republican. Rudy’s gonna have a big mistep on the trail sooner or later.)


Kucinich States the Obvious: Bush ‘Done Lost His Mind

One reason we admire Congressman Kucinich is he doesn’t pander to special interests or go wherever the political wind is swaying. Won’t win him the Casa Blanca, but dude speaks from the heart. If he’s for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq he tells you so. If he favors financial reparation for the descendants of Negro slaves in the U.S., he says so- despite the unpopularity of the opinion (in that regard he goes further than many Blacks). Ask him if he’s seen an object in the sky that he couldn’t identify as an airplane, blimp or balloon- he says damned skippy I saw it. He also believes, as do many, that if the president wants to invade Iran, he is a few bricks shy of a load:


Honesty is the best policy.


He Was The Velvet Voice of Vegas

Singer Bob Goulet dies at 73. A contemporary of Andy Williams, Jack Jones, and Steve and Eidye, the mustachioed vocalist was a staple of 1960’s and ’70’s t.v. His sound was unmistakable, his look was classic, and his career spanned several decades:


They’re not makin’ ’em like that any more.