Males, Math and Science: Is It Nature or Nurture?

A “Scientific American” article examines the predominance of men in the linear disciplines. Based on the first statement in the article, (concerning writing skills) one might just as easily ask, “Of the leading lights in Western fiction and poetry, why are women underrepresented?”:



Prophet or Loss? Protestors Demand Punishment of Teddy Bear Teacher

Protests against a classroom decision by a British schoolteacher escalate in Khartoum:

Haven’t read or heard much about the incident, but it’s likely she felt she was honoring the culture by allowing her students to¬†give the stuffed animal a name very common in their country, rather than a Western or cutesy name. Very likely it was not The Prophet the seven year olds had in mind. If so, such a misunderstanding pales in comparison to some yet-unpunished injustices in Darfur.