Males, Math and Science: Is It Nature or Nurture?

A “Scientific American” article examines the predominance of men in the linear disciplines. Based on the first statement in the article, (concerning writing skills) one might just as easily ask, “Of the leading lights in Western fiction and poetry, why are women underrepresented?”:


Prophet or Loss? Protestors Demand Punishment of Teddy Bear Teacher

Protests against a classroom decision by a British schoolteacher escalate in Khartoum:

Haven’t read or heard much about the incident, but it’s likely she felt she was honoring the culture by allowing her students to give the stuffed animal a name very common in their country, rather than a Western or cutesy name. Very likely it was not The Prophet the seven year olds had in mind. If so, such a misunderstanding pales in comparison to some yet-unpunished injustices in Darfur.


A Relative Accessory? Stepbrother May Have Helped Drew Peterson

Did a relative unwittingly help Drew Peterson move Stacy?

“…The stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, later became distraught after learning that Stacy Peterson was missing and tried to kill himself, the Chicago Tribune and The [Joliet] Herald News reported Wednesday…”

Wow, this case almost caused another death.


Barrel of Clues in Drew Peterson Case

The search for a solution regarding a missing Illinois woman centers on a blue barrel a neighbor says they witnessed Drew Peterson and another man removing:

Last night on MSNBC, host Dan Abrams read parts of the letter Peterson says he received from a woman in Peoria who thinks she saw a pregnant Stacy Peterson in a local Kroger’s supermarket with “another man”. Suspicious sections of the letter concerned a jab at medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden (host of HBO’s “Autopsy”), a comment that Peterson’s daughter Laci is cute, and a remark about Stacy not coming back to Drew. Many suspect the letter’s validity because the supposed witness contacted Peterson, rather than the police (stating that the authorities wouldn’t do anything anyway- hmmm).


Small World After All: What it’s Like to be a Baby

Last night at dinner, while discussing the finer points of dog training with a trainer/hotelier from Belgium, we mentioned that we cannot ask a baby what it dreamed about, or why it is crying. Here’s some insight into the tiny mind and its developing sensations:

The dog behavior convo stemmed from our recent trip to Albany, Ga., where a trainer at a hunting lodge explained to us why obedience courses which employ clickers and whistles are all wrong. It’s all about the trainer’s body language and alpha status in the household, not conditioned response. The key is to get the canine to focus on the owner’s physical cues and vocal tone, rather than the myriad scents and distant sounds competing for its attention.


Mean Girls in Middle School: YouTube Fight Girl Convicted

We didn’t realize the YouTube fight girls case occurred in Norwood, Ohio (probably because we turned our head each time MSNBS aired the footage). We used to work in Norwood, and lived nearby.

(from the Cincinnati Enquirer)

“…A Hamilton County Juvenile Court magistrate convicted a 13-year-old Norwood Middle School girl on disorderly conduct charges for a Sept. 20 fight at the school with a another girl that thrust the girls into the national spotlight after a third girl posted a videotape of the fight on the Internet.

The disorderly conduct charge – the most minor charge that could be imposed – had originally been filed as a more serious assault charge against Amanda Clifford.

No punishment was ordered after the Tuesday trial….”

Small world, used to pass Norwood High School on the way to the store or the post office all the time.