From Blue Book to X Files: Washington UFO Event Features Brass and Pols

The UFO Disclosure press conference at the presitgious National Press Club was organized and run very well. Only accredited journalists were present, and each official or witness spoke to their personal experience concerning a craft whose origin could not be explained by anomalous weather, local military activity, flares, or commercial flight. Incidents ranged from a 1986 sighting over Anchorage by Japan Air Lines pilots and crew who saw a object with flashing lights that was six times the size of their 747, to a large disc seen by commercial pilots last spring at Chicago O’Hare that suddenly lifted up into the air above the airport. Panelists included former Belgian Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff Wilfried De Brower, Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes, who served 35 years for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France. two Peruvian Air Force commanders, and French astrophysicist Dr. Claude Poher. Former Governor Fife Symington of Arizona spoke last. A former military pilot himself, the governor recalled the Phoenix Lights incident, in which he saw a delta-shaped craft of large size silently moving towards the mountains. Symington says that no Air Force or military explanations surfaced, and that a couple of half-hearted theories didn’t satisfy him. He said they couldn’t have been flares, as flares don’t move in formation. As for a base shrugging it off as some A-10’s, the governor noted that A-10’s are quite noisy, while the V-shaped object seen by hundreds of thousands from Maricopa County to southern Arizona was silent.

Symington recounted his press conference the day after the Lights were seen, explaining that the nature of the phone calls and citizen anxiety directed at his office was such that, to relieve the tension, he asked his chief of staff to dress up like an alien at the briefing. The aide refused. The governor insisted, and the chief said he would resign before doing such a thing. Symington told him his resignation would then be refused, and the staffer complied, but has never forgiven him. The mood lightener, the governor said, offended many of his constituents.

During the Q & A session, several journalists asked a version of the question, why is there a UFO coverup, or what do the militaries or aviation associations of various governments around the world, represented in the room and otherwise, fear concerning the public being told there have been unexplained vehicles flying over the airspace of many countries? Whether from France, England, or Peru, the response was the same- few high ranking government officials are willing to publicly admit there are civilizations, and thus craft, over whom we are powerless. Officials specualted about the fear being disempowered would engender, and said, “The (U.S.) government doesn’t want to scare people…”. One reporter disagreed, citing color alerts and terror warnings, stating, “…They want to scare us about everything else…”

The former investigative chief of the FAA, John Callahan, shared how he was told by the CIA and FAA to act as if the Anchorage incident never occurred. If asked about it, officials were told to say, “It’s under investigation.” A French airline official added that pilots are supposed to be serious, and discussion of unexplained phenomena professionally compromises people.

There were about 70 journalists and attendees at the press event, so the Ballroom was full, including maybe eight television or film-style cameras on tripods. It was made clear that far more journalists were invited but could not attend due to logistical or scheduling demands. Witnesses also made it clear, partly in response to separate questions concerning whether the African continent, Canada, or Mexico had notable sightings, that the phenomena being discussed was worlwide.

Each panelist was available for individual questioning or taping after the Q & A. Governor Symington proved very approachable and forthcoming in this regard, as did everyone. In an elevator afterwards, documentary filmmaker (“Out of the Blue”) and UFO investigator James Fox, his co-organizer and investigative journalist Leslie Kean, Symington and a couple journalists rode together. Fox remarked that it took three months to arrange the attendance of the official from the Iranian Air Force. One reporter opined that among media, the subject of ships of unearthly origin was off limits. “That’s changing.” insisted Fox. He, Kean, and Symington then had lunch here:

Fox and Kean will be in D.C. Tuesday.

(anyone seeking more details, specifics, an interview, or article may contact me here, or offsite at



49 thoughts on “From Blue Book to X Files: Washington UFO Event Features Brass and Pols

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  2. Oh, here it is.

    Again, thank you for taking this issue seriously and making more people aware of this issue.

    Brian ‘c3hamby’ Hamby

  3. Dear Pop Culture,
    Thank you for attending and your great report. I have a link to your blog on UFO Media Matters. I just want to remind everyone that this “Press Conference” was not in any way part of “The Disclousure Project” or “Exopolotics” I was at the “Intruders Foundation” when a hand out was passed around and Leslie & Budd Hopkins answered questions. We were asked not to post it till last Wed. and I honored it. There was a lively discussion around “The Disclosure Project” and “Exopolotics” “movements” and we all agree they hurt rather then helped credibility on the UFO subject. I often point out that some of the UFO researchers act like it is their agenda. It is really the good witnesses agenda. I don’t think anyone should play this game of we know all the answers. It is just Not True.

    For me there is a great deal of evidence that something not us is here.

    The witnesses should be allowed to come forward, in such an important public forum as this one, without any unproven conclusions attacked to their statements, including what I just said.
    This, in my book, is a disservice to the witnesses and to the reality of what we may be facing.

    Thank Again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  4. OK. I’d say I’m a skeptic, but I believe in angels, GOD, the devil, etc. So I can’t say that I’m really a skeptic — but UFOs? I’ll accept the phenomenon based on the actual definition of the word. But, folks, there’s no way that there are aliens hanging out in space and zipping through our atmosphere once in a while. Has no one considered that it would be the perfect cover-up for a clandestine operation perpetuated by our own government (or an international)? Maybe they’re testing military crafts. Maybe they are abducting people to do god knows what kind of tests or implanting them with who knows what. But there are no ‘little green men,’ only dark-hearted men operating without accountability in costumes.

  5. Hello bijanc:

    Firs of all, I appreciate you apologize about my “mechanical-like-a-robot” english. I hope you can understand me:)

    I´ve just read your post, and I still have doubts about the date of the UFO Disclosure press conference you are talking to.

    That would be in this way, because spanish mass media don´t usually inform about this kind of things. I don´t know. (Or can be because I haven´t translated your post enough good)

    For checking it, I´ve been in disclosure project website in the events page:

    Here they don´t speak about a recent conference. I can suppose, then, what you are talking, is the 2001 conference.

    Would you please clear me this data ? Are you talking about a different and a more recent new conference ?

    I have, too in wordpress, a blog, where I am disseminating, in my way, ufological themes (too many videos in english, in

    I have been an “only” ufo witnessed, and I think the question isn´t believe or not. For me the question is : Are real or not? Their reality (or not)don´t depend on our beliefs (or from their faboulous hability to hide from us:))

    If the conference you are talking to in your post have just happen, If your are ok, I´d like you let me translate, and disseminated in spanish your post and the own news.

    Thanks for your patience with my horrible english:)


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  8. Very interesting bit about the terror alert levels. I am generally in favor of such a system, but most of the time it should be at “guarded”; yet, I haven’t seen that since they started the system. Certainly the government doesn’t mind us being afraid of something as long as it can be constrained. If people believe that someone could fly a silent craft over America without recourse, that falls in the other category – no government wants to accept that, regardless of whether they are earthly or alien.

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  10. brainsplus, jJunarto & So Many’s:

    You’re more than welcome- and we apologize for the delayed response- both Quebec and Park City, Utah scheduled tourism invited us to tourism events here in D.C. weeks before we knew or sought media credentials to the UFO press conference (which we knew nothing about until reading the Symington story on the CNN website Friday, and applied to attend over the weekend).


  11. I guess you could call me “a skeptical RightWingDog” but, I enjoyed the article and try to maintain an open mind.
    I will follow and see what turns up.

    Maybe skeptical but interested RightWingDog would be a better namne.



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  13. lol @ the strong and oh-so-rational statement that there is a “devil” (red man with horns, pointy tail, pitch fork) but soooo definitely not “little green men.”

    Alrighty then 🙂

    Have ya’ noticed that Earth is just a speck by comparison to the size of many other planets? And yet humans, parasitic nano-specks on a speck of a planet, are the sole “intelligent” existence in this inconceivably VAST Universe? Ego? lol

    Alrighty then 😉

  14. DL:

    Thanks for weighing in. We’re surprised no one has mentioned water on Mars, or the “lifelike” gas giant-sized planet discovered in a faraway system a few weeks back. Not that water is “intelligent”, but cells are.

    The bottom line is that the panelists we heard Monday morning and afternoon weren’t saying there are little green men operating the objects they witnessed, only that the physical characteristics, size, illumination, velocity, trajectory, and noiselessness qualify their origin as unaccounted for by known manmade technology.


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  16. Lifting the blinders from from the American public and the gag from folks within the rank and file of the US government regarding this issue is L-O-N-G overdue. Something is afoot and WE ARE collectively mature enough to handle whatever the truth might be.

  17. MIB:

    Thanks for stopping by.


    During the Q & A, a journalist asked the panelists if the citizens of the world are “ready” to learn there have been unexplainable craft sighted over the airspace of various nations. Those who responded believe people are able to handle the information.

    Interestingly (likely due to the fact the panel was not made up of ufologists or investigative journalists), speculation of what effect the facts would have on religious belief did not arise.


  18. I would imagine the ultimate effect on religious belief would be much like the effect of discovering that the Earth isn’t flat 🙂

    Excuse me if I’ve missed similar comments, but what most strongly comes to my mind is the deception of it all, the LIES…from OUR government about this. For years. For our supposed “own good.” So ya’ think they’ve told us the truth about everything else? What are the chances of that? 🙂 Ya’ think they’ve “cheated on” us before, think they’ll “cheat on” us again??

    Why would we, why should we, trust anything else they tell us, or the media? If they’d lie to maintain their illusion of control, they would lie — and do what else — for “our own good”? Election results? Reasons for war? “Terrorist” attacks? Are those issues so much different, we should trust them on those things??

    Let’s hope this is the beginning of fleshing out all of their lies. I feel this is one of many signs of our “healing.” When our bodies heal, the poison comes to the surface FIRST, we clean that away, and then we heal 🙂


  19. DL:

    Good points all. A new blue ribbon committee to investigate UFO’s and explain cases should be made up of private sector persons, ufologists, retired government/military officials, and investigative journalists- not current government employees of officeholders. It should be “independent”.


    Thank you.


  20. Bijanc, thanks for your information. Thanks to you, and the information you supply me, so kindly, I´ve written my post, to inform people that is happening:)

    I mention you in my post, with thankful, in:

    I´ve post the videos from disclosure project conference from 2001 and the video from conference 12 november 2007

    Y ya que sabes español:) te doy las gracias de nuevo, en este idioma;))

  21. Great article and great info from most commenters!!!! I’d like to add that there are MANY people who have made “contact”, but not necessarily have eyewitnessed UFO’s. I await the day when our stories can be told without judgement, harrassment, or the telling of them being a real career-limiting move (in today’s current world).

    Haroldmaude > Please visit and watch the movie (free), for a fresh new look at the origins of your limiting belief system.

  22. pj:

    Thank you (and our thanks to everyone who has expressed interest, gratitude, or communicated further inquiries both here and offlist). It, and the many blogs, message boards , news forums and websites that have linked this post, speak to the level of international concern with this issue.


  23. Gud one bijanc! But did u guys see the media response, pathetic! There are a few vdos on UTube about the media coverage of the event! It was pathetic to say the least! Same old “I thought only freaks believed in UFOs” blah blah blah. Anderson Cooper had the same clown James Mcgaha on to debate Fox! Mcgaha is no skeptic, he is a debunker, who knows nothin about the complexity of the UFO phenomenon! I have embedded those vdos on my blog as well! here’s the link to my blog, since my blog theme is close to this post!

    This effort by Fox, and Kean needs to be appreciated no doubt! Both of them are credible and have proven their caliber before! Leslie for one was the one who was primarily responsible (ok, her attorney too) for NASA admitting to reopen their Kecksburg related files! And Fox’s Out of the Blue doc is prolly one of the best UFO docs to have been ever produced! Though Steven Greer did something similar in 2001, I think this one is more interesting! Greer had long left this world to crazy town and will prolly never come back! he has become one of those ppl in UFOlogy today who is a total embarrassment to say the least! Besides, I am happy that none of the sourcing of the UFO things were discussed! I am fed up with the UFO’s are alien space crafts from another world thing both from the believers and the debunkers alike! Here in Europe most ppl interested in UFOlogy really think that this is totally unexplained and they could be from newhere! xtra dimensional, time travellers, yet unexplored aspect of our consciousness and so on! Enuff of my ramblings, i will stop rite here!
    thanx for the post again mate!

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  26. UFOs have been a hot topic in the news lately. In fact, I think it’s the hottest now then any time in my life. The recent disclosure is one thing but it’s also been discussed at the presidential debates, which is far from usual. There were people commenting on some of the news that maybe there really is something to these UFOs. I wonder where these people have been for the last 60 years or so.

    Are we really closer to disclosure? That is such a tough question. How much information would they let out to the public? It depends how much is behind the secret and I suspect there is a vast amount. It’s such a loaded question that when I think more about it, I seem to doubt they will ever admit to anything. There is an avalanche affect to this. A little secret is buried among many other secrets. As soon as one little piece goes the rest must follow. Do you think that if the public was notified tomorrow that UFOs are extraterrestrial that it will just stop there? People are going to demand to know everything. All of a sudden Roswell will be questioned again. If Roswell is truly alien then that leads to the technology that was reverse engineered. Perhaps the computer you are on is a product of something that was reverse engineered from Roswell 60 years ago. More questions would be raised on space travel. Is there really free energy out there that Tesla was trying to find? Would all the oil companies go under if there was free energy? Would this break down the economy? And how about the religions of the world? How would they react? Many people now are crying ‘fallen angels’? Would people over react and go berserk over these fallen angels. Can they handle disclosure? Are we going to have the War of the Worlds revisited from the 30s? History may not be as we know it. The history books would have to be rewritten. Why did the government lie to us for the last 60 years? People would demand an answer. Has our history been wrapped around a bunch of lies? That leads to the abductions. If the UFOs are real then maybe the abductions are real. The public would demand to know what the truth is to the abductions. Insecurity would affect some people. People would demand all the answers.

    I don’t think it’s going to happen folks. It’s too buried among many secrets, in fact more than we can ever imagine.


  27. Oh it will happen — that is, if their ignorance, greed and lies don’t bring “the end” upon us all first. The truth won’t stay buried forever, such is the nature of factual truth 🙂 But it will surely be a bumpy ride, and it will most likely all crumble before it can be re-built… Such is the nature of “empires” (or anything else) built upon faulty foundations. Brace yourselves… better yet, be open, fearless and flexible.


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