Chelsea Clinton to Nine Year Old Reporter: “I Don’t Talk to the Press, Cutie”

Rules are rules:

Contessa Brewer of MSNBC just interviewed little Sydney- turns out she┬árespects Chelsea’s response because it meant being treated like the rest of the press. Not only did Chelsea pose for a pic with the junior journalist, but Sen. and former President Clinton granted her interviews, and posed with her. Two out of three ain’t bad.


34 Million Reasons to Like the Patriots

Perfection is attractive- Saturday’s NFL game between New England and the New York Giants drew 34 million viewers, the second-largest t.v. audience of 2007 (to the Academy Awards). Two million more fans watched the simulcast on CBS than rival NBC. NFL Commish Roger Goodell made a wise decision in facilitating the wider broadcast (originally the game was scheduled for exclusive airing on the controversial NFL Network). It took Senate pressure and mention of the league’s anti-trust exemption to move Goodell’s hand.