2008 PC: A Fork In The Road

As announced, the website for the new organization DC Basketball has gone live:


From here on in, Pop Culture will be retreating from the blogosphere, as we focus our efforts in that medium to specialized blogs concerning ventures in which we are involved- our documentary film:


and DC Basketball (whose accompanying blog is at http://dcbasketball.wordpress.com)

Outside the ‘sphere, look for future sportswriting (of an NBA nature) at www.probasketballnews.com

(travel will still be a niche, including contributions here)


…it is only the blogging directon where change is taking place. Thanks to all who frequented PC, and helped make it what is was. We also appreciate all who have helped spearhead DC Basketball, and those whose time and support have meant so much during the research and fundraising stage for the documentary “Show People”. A DVD trailer for the film will be shot in Manhattan this summer. We will leave the physical structure and location of Pop Culture intact, to help serve as a way station for visitors regular and new.


Sex And The Motor City: Detroit Mayor In Love Mess

Looks like Rudy Giuliani wasn’t the only big city mayor wooing his lover on the city’s dime:


Mayor Kilpatrick’s Chief of Staff Christine Beatty was married at the time of the Colorado trip. What’s with metro mayors and sex scandals- remember L.A.’s Antonio Villaraigosa and Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas ? San Francisco’s Gavin Newsom and his city manager’s wife? And America’s Mayor, Giuliani, used municipal cars to get to his love tryst.

The heck with the White House, chicks dig mayors.