FOX Commentator Liz Trotta Fails The Racial Rorschach Test

Richard Pryor had a routine where he played a minister who called death “The Utimate Test”. Rev said it was the ulitmate test because “Ain’t nobody passed the m’f’er yet…” The same might some day be said of America’s Racial Rorschach Test, Senator Barack Obama’s nearly inevitable major party presidentian candidacy. Liz Trotta fell short:

Then there was the time Rep. Geoff Davis (fitting name) of Kentucky called Obama “That boy…”.

How big do boys grow where you come from?

(if she drops out of the race, this blog will return in earnest)


Pop Culture And The Racial Rorschach Test: Don’t Call it a Comeback

When she drops out of the race, this blog will return to explore, with critical thinking, the national litmus test that is a Black (by U.S. standards) major party political candidate.

In the meantime, my patient June 3 audience, chew on this news of Obama as Curious George:

That’s odd- President Bush is the one who looks like a chimp. See you next month.

UPDATE- Mike Huckabee responds to The Racial Rorschach Test by joking about an Obama assassination attempt:

UPDATE: By invoking Bobby Kennedy’s June assassination 40 years ago as an example of a primary season that ran long, Sen. Hillary Clinton failed The Racial Rorschach Test.

Astute pundits such as Jonathan Alter (on “Countdown With Keith Olbermann”) and Douglas Brinkley have cited her latest misspeak as the death knell for her presidential and vice-presidential aspirations, and political future. Teddy Kennedy must be thinking, “thanks for reminding me about my big brother”.