Playing Catchup With The Departed

Tim Russert was, in our opinion, the premier interviewer in the biz other than Kojo Nnamdi of WAMU and WHUT. He was engaging, challenging, and admired. The show of love at his memorial even exceeded that at Ed Bradley’s.

George Carlin turned observational humor into an art form. Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Wright owe him a debt of gratitude, though Seinfeld was far less political and Wright much more deadpan. No Carlin, no “Cheech and Chong”. The man possessed a gift for language, for critical thinking, and he had stones. Not many men have performed standup on national television in five decades, and none so thoughtfully.


Dennis Kucinich- A Real American Hero

Hats off to Congressman Kucinich for introducing 35 articles of impeachment. Whether one thinks it is too late, has no chance of passing in The House, would make Dick Cheney president, or takes the focus off the campaign, none of those reasons would have deterred Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, or Trent Lott were the shoe on the other foot. It’s a matter of principle (read: cojones). It is all the more reason we’ll be writing DK’s name in on our presidential ballot on our birthday- 11-04-08.

Should you wish to commend the representative and his legislative staff, their phone number on The Hill is 202-225-5871.