A Savage Attack Against Autistic Kids

The common thread I notice among verbal attacks by right wing talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage (who has come under fire for accusing 99% of autistic children of false behavior and acting out because there’s no male discipline in their home)- they single out groups they feel responsible for their activities- those their own poor science leads them to think have a “choice”. Limbaugh felt Michael J. Fox was feigning the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease to elicit sympathy. Umm hmm- hey Rush- better check that Cassius Clay while you’re at it too- he’s nothing but an ingrate draft dodger anyway.

Others pick on gays- as if gays or heterosexuals, or people who cross over (bi-) are merely picking a sexual prerefence against what is their natural, innate tendency. As if they are, as Limbaugh accused Fox, and Savage the autistics- acting out. Were that the case, why don’t rightie pundits pretend to be gay?

In other words, neocon shock hosts are mean-spirited. There are mean-spirited hosts who back all manner of politicians- Don Imus criticized the (Black members of) the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team for the texture of their hair- another non-choice. Savage won’t be fired, but some affiliates or stations may drop his show, if pressure mounts. But like the amateur medical opinions righties leveled at the (private) Terri Schiavo matter, opposing opinion will not change their minds.

Or their hearts.