If Being Black Secured The Presidency, Why Didn’t The Gop Run a Black Candidate?

Some people are upset Obama will garner more than 90% of the Black vote. So did Al Gore. Some say it’s reverse racism, and will cost Senator McCain the election.

If being a Black man assured one the office, why didn’t the GOP think of that- and nominate a Black man (or even woman)?


Is Being a Black Male The Key To The Presidency?

Had I known this was the secret to becoming POTUS, I’d have opposed Bush in 2004:

(seen on a message board)

“So the key to becoming President of the United States is to be a BLACK man? Anybody who claims that Barack Obama is just going to win the Presidency because he has the ADVANTAGE of being black is either crazy, a liar, or has not actually lived in the United States of America…”

President! Some days I can scarcely get a taxi to stop for me.