Complaint From Camp McCain: Palin Goes Off Script

What did they expect from a power abusing opportunist?

McCain showed awful judgement in selecting Palin as his veep candidate- Tom Ridge would have been the way to go when he was denied Joe Lieberman and despised Mitt Romney. With either, the electoral polls would be tied.

Anyone with the discourtesy to tell debate moderator Gwen Ifill (whose questions represent those the public would ask) “…I’m not gonna answer the questions the way you want me too…” is not Country First, but Sarah first anyway. Given the age gap and the fact she’ll still be young and appealing to the base in 2012, McCain and his peeps should have foreseen the folly of such a selection.



2 thoughts on “Complaint From Camp McCain: Palin Goes Off Script

  1. McCain wants people around him whom he would feel comfortable bullying, such as a political unknown from Alaska who happens to be a woman. It’s pretty obvious that he wouldn’t have felt free to lose his temper with Tom Ridge and survived the encounter. Ridge is bigger, tougher and smarter (than McCain). John McCain strikes me as a pugnacious, combative personality suffering from a lifelong Napoleonic Complex.

  2. johnrj08:

    I wouldn’t attribute Old Navy’s “banty rooster” attitude to his physical stature- like Bush he’s the son and grandson of leaders in their field, and surrounds himself with yes men and women.

    His fatal campaign error was a cheap trick to lure disgruntled “Hillary supporters”.

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