The Obama Infomercial: Branding The Changeling

Senator Barack Obama’s heartfelt infomercial was well-crafted and effective. It strayed free of mention of Senator McCain, and invoked the necessary names and imagery to unsure its key audience- undecided white voters (90% of Black voters chose Kerry, Gore and Clinton- that’s preaching to the choir- and not worth the time or $). Images of the heartland, poignant family vignettes, endorsements from Kathleen Sibelius of Kansas and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, and mention of names such as Dick Lugar, General Patton, and Obama’s white mother accomplished that.

The spot will help shape The Changeling’s image, and be discussed in poli sci classes 20 years hence (because it helped elect America’s first minority president). Obama would have won next Tuesday sans the ad- what it does it reach out to broaden, and take advantage of a sizable war chest, to state his case without interruption or debate.



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