Travel Planners and Missouri Sports Highlights

 I’ll be a guest of Kevin and Sue McCarthy on The Travel Planners Radio Show this Sunday, Nov. 30th at 5:44 – 5:53am EST, discussing sports tourism in Missouri. The segment will air on WBGZ 1570am from Alton, IL and WKKD near Chicago and simulcast on   On Thursday, it will also be broadcast on  between noon – 2pm Eastern.

Next week, I’ll have a very short chat about golf in Cancun with Ira Kleinman of The Restaurant, Food and Travel Show on WVNJ in NY/NJ/Conn. Friday the 5th at 2 p.m., but will remind visitors when the date nears.


Mumbai Hotels Attacked

Last fall I was scheduled to attend a press trip to India hosted by the Leela Hotel chain, and Mumbai was one of the cities we were to stay in:

The trip never materialized. I was also on a sort of stand-by for a media tour of villas and resorts in Kenya in fall of 2007, when Senator Barack Obama was a mere candidate. No journalist canceled though.