Obama Defeats McCain: Change is the Fundamental Law of Time

People, societies, and subsets of societies evolve. Survival is all about adaption. Last night’s landslide presidential victory by a child of Hawaii and Indonesia over a war hero speaks volumes about the U.S. to the world, and loudly to schoolchildren about possibility:


There were other voices who clamored to be heard last night. The young demonstrated that they favored a late Baby Boomer over a Depression baby as commander-in-chief. The electorate expressed an interest in something new. Hispanics showed their numbers and their loyaties. The numbers said- it was much more difficult to defeat Senator Hillary Clinton than it was to defeat Senator McCain. And some McCainiacs displayed their lack of grace by booing when their candidate said he he called the victor to concede.

On Janurary 20, Washington will see a throng that will make The Million Man March look like a high school pep rally.



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