Obama is Good For The Economy

Two weeks before the election, The Man (or his wife) graced the cover of magazines dedicated to every subject from finance to health. The day following the election, newstands couldn’t keep papers covering it on their shelves- even foreign dailies. Tee shirts are selling, souvenirs are being manufactured, and there is already interest in the yet-unpurchased first dog. Here in Washington, the Courtyard by Marriott and the historic Willard’s telephones are ringing off their respective hooks from callers interested in booking hotel rooms for the inauguration- only there are no rooms. There is a renewed interest in both of Obama’s books. Lord knows how keyword searches about him have increased on Internet search engines.

No matter what one thinks of President-elect Obama’s proposed policies- The Man is good for the economy. Talented folk are circulating and tweaking their resumes with an eye toward working in the new admininstration in some capacity. He’s young, he’s ethnic, he sells overseas, and he has school age children. He has a tall, fashionable wife, and everyone can claim a “piece” of him (Hawaii, East Africa, Indonesia, white America, Harvard, the basketball community, Chicago, academia, law). We’ll need children’s books about him (and about his girls). His inauguration will bring unprecedented visitors from all over the U.S. and the world to D.C. Forget the Dow Jones dailies- folk are only just beginning to cash in.



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