What Would or Should An Obama Cabinet Look Like?

Who should The Man surround himself with to fix This Mess? What kind of (out of the box) talent will be bring to Washington. Here are some possibilities and rumored choices:

Robert Kennedy, Jr., Director of the EPA

Eric Holder, Attorney General (says he doesn’t want a cabinet post because he takes care of his children)

Secretary of Energy- Governor Jennifer Grandholm (D-Michigan)

Secretary of the Treasury- Warren Buffett or Larry Summers

Secretary of Defense- Robert Gates, Dick Lugar, or Gen. Colin Powell (Obama’s inner circle will not suggest Powell)

Secretary of State- Gov. Bill Richardson, Senator Chuck Hagel,  or Senator John Kerry

Secretary of HHS- Senator Hillary Clinton (Dems are better off w/ her in the Senate), or Gov. Howard Dean

Ambassador to the U.N.- Randall Robinson (he’d have to come back to the U.S.- and would want to normalize relations w/ Cuba)

Director of OMB- former Mayor Anthony Williams

Office of National Drug Control Policy- Governor Mario Cuomo

Secretary of Education- Dr. Johnetta Cole

As you know, Rahm Emanuel has publicly stated that he may not accept the position as Chief of Staff due to family obligations. Though it would be nice to have a progressive version of Karl Rove. If not Emanuel, perhaps Tom Daschle is the pick.

UPDATE: Emanuel has agreed to run things in the Obama White House:


…so much for his aspirations to be House Speaker…



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