Beautiful Black Women

From the pages of JET, HUE, etc.
Carole Preston:

Carole Preston, Bathed in Ermine - Jet Magazine Dec 22, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.

Andrea Brake:

Glamour Maker - Jet Magazine September 1, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.


Barbara Roberts “On The Waterfront”, so to speak:

Marlon Brando Eyes Barbara Roberts on Beach - Jet Magazine Aug 18, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.

Secvara Livesey:

Is Dirty Baseball Killing Negro Stars? Jet Magazine June 30, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.

Betty Ansley:

Why Jilted Women are Dangerous - Jet Magazine June 23, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.

Connie Hatton:

Newlywed Begins New Career - Jet Magazine Mar 31, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.

A young Abbey Lincoln:

Groomed for Stardom Anna Marie Later Known as Abbey Lincoln - Jet Magazine November 11, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.



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