Black Beauty- Magazine Style

Our holiday gift to our readers is this pictorial tribute to Black beauty, in all its forms:

Donna Brown:

Advertisement for Copper Magazine - Jet Magazine, May 6, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.


Sally Blair, on the cover of TAN:

Advertisement for Tan Magazine - Jet Magazine, May 13, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.


Brooklyn’s Lillian Jones:

Miss Sepia Cover Girl Contestant in NY - Jet Magazine May 20, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.

Suzette Harbin:

Do Women Improve with Age? - Jet Magazine July 22, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.


Mardelle Rogers:

The Truth About Women Athletes - Jet Magazine Aug 5, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.

Dolores Grigsby:

Can A Man Love Two Women at the Same Time? Jet Magazine August 12, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.

Beverly Harris:

Surf Singer - Jet Magazine, August 8, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.

More to come…



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