Beautiful Black Women

From vintage magazines: (images courtesy of Vielles Annonces at

Lesa Davies:

A Beauty Queen, Lesa Davies, Goes To Hollywood - Jet Magazine Nov 17, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.


Angela Davila:

Typist and Dancer Keeps Her Eyes on Paris - Jet Magazine Sept 8, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.


Lucille Rich:


What Women Should Know About Makeup - Jet Magazine September 8, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.


Gladys Cofield:


How Important Is A Woman's Past - Jet Magazine July 28, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.


Dolores Parker:

Are Working Wives Less Moral - Jet Magazine Feb 3, 1955 by vieilles_annonces.

Daphne Moore:

Surf Girl - Jet Magazine July 1, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.


Pauline Green:

Why Little Men Like Big Women - Jet Magazine June 3, 1954 by vieilles_annonces.

 Bette McLaurin:

Songstress Bette McLaurin Gets Hit Parade Status - Jet Magazine, June 19, 1952 by vieilles_annonces.





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