Is “Barack The Magic Negro” a Satire?

What do you think about the song that lampoons the golden president-elect?

(here’s what I thought- but I hadn’t heard of the song)



5 thoughts on “Is “Barack The Magic Negro” a Satire?

  1. I don’t know for certain, but it sounds to me like this person who just had to send out this “satire” of Barack Obama as a “Magic Negro” completed this act in very POOR taste. Personally (and I am a caucasion of American-Irish Birth) I find it disgusting and belittling of a man who just happens to be of American Negro Birth. I am happy to give the man a chance as I hope everyone else will give him the opportunity now that he has won the election. He’s not in office as yet, and everyone is getting upset with him, and insulting him.

    I also find this act of “satire” to show a lack of common sense, knowing full well in his position he could inflame the public – as well as showing us the poor loser, poor sportsmanlike behavior. In so many words – he’s a bully! He doesn’t deserve the Republican National Congress Chairmanship seat – and I wonder, what planet is he from – can he be so callus and witless he would want to start tearing our country apart? We have enough problems in this world, we don’t need more.

  2. What year is this? Can you really justify using the word “Negro” as satire in 2008? Im sure that would have flown in the 30’s. Why dont we all just put on blackface makeup and call up al jolsten?

  3. Thanks for the comments. I did use the term myself, in an editorial that asked if Obama was somewhat emblematic of the Black spirit guide characters so prevalent in Hollywood. At the time I wasn’t familiar with Rush Limbaugh’s usag of the term.


  4. I’m a typical white person. Fifty, Anglo-Saxon Quaker (not so typical, that).

    This “song” to me isn’t “satire.”

    It’s racist. Pure and simple. Nothing. less.

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