President Obama Shoots Some Hoops

It’s a great stress buster:


Obama and Jindal Jockey for 2012

The president did what he had to do last night- assuage consumer fears, but with a touch of realsim, and check GOP egos at the Congressional door. Minor point- he stated that cars are what we do- citing that the automobile was invented in the United States. Not so much- most historians credit the Germans and the French.

Now to the fun stuff. Governor Bobby Jindal’s response, delivered in that “personal injury lawyer ad” cadence, was somewhat creepy. But what should we expect from a man who performed an exorcism on his college sweetheart? He does get points for avoiding snarkiness- and President Obama is a tough oratorical act to follow. One gets the impression Jindal may not be a frontrunner for GOP presidential candidacy after all, and that what we endured last night was less his national audition and more the party’s “Let’s make the young guy our sacrificial lamb to follow Obama” solution.


About Last Night: Michelle Obama’s Dress- Or The Lack Thereof

I love The First Lady as much as any other man- but the little sleeveless number she rocked at the presidential address to Congress? Not appropos for the occasion. I know, I know- fashion critics and female talk show personalities rave about her trim arms, but she should have worn a style and material more appropriate for the tenor of the occasion.

Secretary of State Clinton, Susan Rice, Speaker Pelosi, and all the women in the hall wore some form of suit or jacket that covered their arms.

Love the guns, but hated the selection.