Obama, Palin, And The Whole “…Special Olympics…” Thing

Governor Sarah Palin can be a little self-righteous- especially for the mother of an unmarried teen mom.


We’d rather have a president who makes a gaffe about the developmentally-delayed, than a president (Bush II) or vice president (candidate Palin) who speaks as if they are developmentally-delayed.


Jesse Opens Bobby Q’s in Brookland

The man is back:

Jesse Brown invites you to join him at his
new place. Completely renovated. Comfortable and chic. Serving your
favorite drinks and tasty appetizers.

The gathering place for the Grown and Sexy!!!!

Bobby’s Q Bar and Lounge (Formerly Lefty’s Lounge)
3301 12th Street NE
Washington, DC 20018

Hours of Operation
Sunday – 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Monday – Thursday – 4:30 pm until Midnight
Friday – Saturday – 4:30 pm until 2:00 am

Schedule¬†your next happy hour or reunion at Jesse’s


Splitsville For Bristol Palin?

Guess not all shotgun weddings materialize:


Ah, teenage love. Here’s our take: when did out-of-wedlock births become all the rage? At a Gloucester, Mass. high school it was a fad. When Jamie Lynn Spears became preggers, Disney stood by their girl. The Octomom will probably have a reality show deal and the mansion they film it in, before the month is out. And Bristol Palin is some sort of heroine.

This wasn’t the case when unmarried births were associated with, um, women of color.