Craig’s List Killer Seemed Normal

A pre-med student accused of a high profile Boston murder and suspected in a similar case in Rhode Island, gave no indications he was leading a double life:

Not that most people ever do. Some news reports indicate polie may have found “souvenirs” from the suspect’s alleged grisly crimes in the apartment he shares with his fiancee. Killers who stalk “theme” victims (e.g. erotic services pro’s or strippers) and collect items from the murders are generally loners who struggle to maintain relationships and keep a day job- not grad school candidates with pretty fiancees.


2 thoughts on “Craig’s List Killer Seemed Normal

  1. Well whose fault is it that people pre judged him as “All American”, whatever that means. Americans all look different. I guess I don’t understand the term. What does an All- American look like?

    I totally could see him killing a young woman, contrary to the biased news reports in America that employs racial profiling methods to figure these types of things and people out. I hope this teaches America and all you ” All Americans” out there not to prejudge people based on looks and what they “seem” like.

    If anything I was surprised as his major. As a recent college grad, I know what med students go through in undergrad so I can’t understand how he had the time to kill these women! So sad. My prayers go out to the families of everyone involved.

    • Solid observations altrealist. Killers of this profile (from the little we have heard so far) don’t generally have serious girlfriends, and other than crimes of passion, medical professionals are seldom violent.

      I’m with you on the “free time” factor, given that the suspect apparently also had a penchant for casino gambling.


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