Message To The Black Man: Gatesgate Sparks Racial Debate in America

What do you call a Black man with a Ph.D? A burglary suspect (or uppity scholar, you be the judge)?

Henry Louis Gates’ arrest has been dropped and an apology rendered. Once again we are not having a national dialogue concerning “race”, but a talk show and message board shouting match- where Blacks accuse the Cambridge Police Department (and Gates’ neighbor who dimed on him and his driver) of insensitivity, and whites accuse those same Blacks of “playing the race card”, jumping to conclusions, and living lives of loud victimization. A dialogue, or conversation, which this is not, requires listening and empathy.

Why is it considered “jumping to conclusions” and not having sufficient information when Blacks judge the actions of white cops, but not so when white cops or neighbors judge the actions of Black people in their own cars, homes, or businesses?



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