Travel Writing Unplugged: The Travel Channel Covers a Press Trip

So you want to be a travel writer, eh?

The Travel Channel takes you inside one of my favorite activities- the press trip (AKA media tour). It involves a lot more guts than it does glory, but without these type of invitations, we’d never be able to cover these locales for our readers or listeners. I don’t know any of the writers who were on this trip, nor have I been to Chile.

The writer through whose POV the tour is seen, provides more detail here:


Eunice Kennedy Shriver Dies

She founded the Special Olympics. Her brother Jack would have been 92 this year, and the “baby”, Teddy, is 79. Mrs. Shriver had a husband with Alzheimer’s Disease, and a sister who was institutionalized after having a frontal lobotomy. I remember her as the mom of my baby brother’s friend Anthony. Given how long Rose Kennedy lived, one wonders about the longevity in that family line had so many members not died violent deaths.

You gotta admire the wealthy when they devote their lives to others.