“Heeb” And “The Great Schlep”: New Jews Make Voices Heard

Star of David tattoo, anyone?



Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

He will always have his detractors, and even today, conservative talk show hosts ask their audiences if he is deserving, but today, 45 years after Dr. Martin Luther King was similarly honored, President Obama is awarded The Nobel Prize for Peace:


Is it true his nomination was entered last February 1? He had done much to unite and foment inclusion by then. And what matter is it whether a columnist or a talk show listener feels he deserves it, the committee neither asked them, nor will they revoke the Prize based upon U.S. public opinion. If that were the case, how do you think those who disagreed with MLK felt when he won?


Like All Black Americans, Michelle Obama is Biracial

Why has America’s “dirty little secret” been swept under the scientific and sociological carpet for so long?


To most American Blacks, it’s no news flash that we have white ancestry. It is surprising to some that the “Indian-looking great-grandmother” was likely a biracial woman. It was more pleasant to discuss Cherokee or Seminole roots than to acknowledge powerlessness (see Thurmond, Strom) and rape.