Olympic Hosting Defeat is Nation’s, Not Obama’s

Why are some so pleased that America’s Olympic athletes and their relatives and fans will not be on home soil in 2016, and that Chicago will not be able to benefit from the new construction, job growth, related revenue/tourism and housing that inevitably results?


Why, because they tie Chicago’s bid to President Obama, of course. When did it became de rigeur to root against the home team (during the Bush years of the invasion of Iraq, critical Americans were deemed “unpatriotic”).



One thought on “Olympic Hosting Defeat is Nation’s, Not Obama’s

  1. Some may be giddy that Chicago did not ‘win’ the Olympics, but millions of Chicagoans are overjoyed that Chicago was not picked, and millions of fiscal conservatives are overjoyed that they will not have to bail out Daley and his henchmen. Now, no overruns as Vancouver BC is experiencing ($5B+ and rising), Calgary ($1B+), and London’s untold billions in overruns. However, it must be Bush’s fault, according to that most experienced statesman, Senator Burris. Is there anyway to make this a racial issue?

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