Tiger Woods “Accident” May Have Been Domestic Violence

Rihanna in reverse? The incident that resulted in a broken car window and facial cuts at the Tiger Woods residence in Windermere may have evolved from an argument, not an accident.


One has to think that on his own property and nearby, Tiger Woods’ hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills are such that, even at 2:30 a.m., he can avoid a stationary hydrant and tree. Unless he’s being pursued. Moreover, his wife’s story that she heard the crash and grabbed a golf club, doesn’t wash. An iron isn’t the first thing I think of taking outside to a victim of an auto accident, nor would I bash in the rear window to get to them. Too much glass and vehicle (Caddy SUV) to crawl over in the dark.

More likely they feuded, he headed for the ride, and in anger, she hit the glass with an implement that’s very easy to get one’s hands on in their crib. Besides, they had to both already be outside- a fender bender at a slow speed (no airbags) wouldn’t wake most folks in large homes at 2:30 a.m. Another tipoff is, if El Tigre were driving slowly, how did he end up incoherent and mumbling when the cops arrived?



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