“If I Could Build My Whole World Around You”

Happy New Year to all- and dig the lead guitar in this Marvin & Tammi favorite:



Image 911:Tiger Woods Vis-a-Vis Charlie Sheen

The 911 call by Charlie Sheen’s wife goes public. Tiger Woods is allegedly whacked in the grill with a 9 iron by his wife, and his career and endorsements take a financial nose dive. Charlie Sheen allegedly pulls a shank on his wife, and the hit sitcom and cute Hanes commercials roll on:


Sheen always had the public persona of a bad boy, but Woods’ sponsors traded on his squeaky clean veneer. It’s all about image, baby.


2009 Was A Year of Surprises

Whatever 2010 will bear, can it ever boast the sheer shock value of 2009? This has been a year of surprises from John Edwards to Mark Sanford to Michael Jackson to Billy Mays, and beyond, to Steve McNair, Tiger Woods, and Italians attacking their prime minister and The Pope. It was the year of “I need some time off…”. Sarah Palin, Coach Urban Meyer, Coach Rick Pitino, Kanye, Dr. Henry Louis Gates and Chris Brown- they all snuck up on us in ways we could not have anticipated. So did H1N1, the New Orleans Saints, Joe Wilson, Mark Ingram, and Delta Flight 253. We lost Natasha Richardson and Brittney Murphy, not Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. Then there was “Precious”.

If we can get through the next four days without a Big One.


Terrorist Effort Thwarted on Amsterdam-Detroit Flight

I wish CNN (tube version) would stop referring to the Delta-Northwest terrorism suspect as a “…Nigerian national…”, as if that’s his only definitive characteristic.


When people from Western cultures, or who profess the Christian faith are arraigned for violent acts or efforts, American journalists identify them by either name, age, or occupation. Seems only when there is a factor that marks one as an “other”, does it become synonymous with the alleged deed.


Bengals’ Receiver Chris Henry Dies

Former West Viriginia star succumbs to injuries suffered in a fall from a pickup truck during apparent domestic dispute with his fiancee Loleini Tonga in Charlotte. Like Washington safety Sean Taylor not long ago, Henry was a soft-spoken young player with a bad boy image who seemed to have turned things around because of a focus on family (read “children”). Like popular Nashville community figure Steve McNair, his death involved a romantic relationship.

The 24 hour news cycle makes every phenomena seem more frequent than it is, but coming on the heels of Tiger Woods’ domestic spat involving a vehicle, Henry’s death is as eerie as it is tragic.