Mystery Solved: Woman Taken to Hospital From Tiger Woods’ Home His Mother-in-Law

We can cease with the speculation and the career obits. The woman rushed to an Orlando area hospital at 3 a.m. from the Isleworth home of Tiger Woods was his mother-in-law:

“…The mystery woman rushed to the hospital from Tiger Woods’ home on “advanced life support” this morning was his mother-in-law.

Dan Yates, an information officer at Health Central Hospital in Ocoe, Fla., confirmed that the woman admitted to the hospital overnight was Barbro Holmberg. She was admitted with stomach pains that were not life-threatening, treated and then released.

Today’s drama began at 2:35 a.m. when sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons said the office got a call from Woods’ home. The call was transferred to Orange County Fire Rescue…”

It appears she has been released. Makes sense, if the ambulance was followed by a blonde, and not a male driver. So much for early morning cable news reports that it could not have been Elin Nordegen’s mother, because she has “…dark hair…” In other developments, Tiger Woods may have skirted the law by not submitting to an alcohol test after hitting the hydrant and tree that infamous Friday morning.



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