Sally Quinn Calls For Desiree Rogers and Sully to Resign

Longtime Washington hostess with the mostest wants heads to roll following Salahi and Carlos Allen security breaches:

Girlfriend told Larry King that the gate crashing at the White House is a more serious threat to national security than the underwear bomber, as La Casa Blanca is supposed to be tightest spot in the land.

Parenthetically, did you see Joan Rivers kvetching on “Larry King Live” about not being allowed to board a flight in Costa Rica w/ conflicting passport and boarding pass names? While I understand her frustration after she cleared four or five other levels of security/customs (after all, Dr. Henry Louis Gates got testy after he arrived home, I can only imagine being stuck thousands of miles from home), her manner of recalling it, and the ‘tude she took w/ one of Larry’s callers, remind me of her blowups on The Apprentice.

Glad I wasn’t airport staff that day.




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