Underwear Bomber: Hanes Parts Ways With Charlie Sheen

Celebrity endorsement terminations aren’t just for Tiger Woods any more:


In the biggest drawer-drop since “Animal House”, Hanes is discontinuing its not-as-cutesy-as-the-ad-agency-thought Charlie Sheen campaign. It’s just as well. The ones pairing the sitcom star with Michael Jordan were stilted and lacked creativity, and his performance in them neither took root, or added anything to the equation (beyond his acclaim). The ad agency bears the blame for the commercials’ flat attempts at humor, Sheen was accountable for the lack of small screen chemistry with Jordan. More importantly, the manufacturer’s decision shows that even for a star whose public image was the antithesis of  Tiger Woods’, allegations of a knife threat, and a well-publicized 911 call by Sheen’s wife, were dealbreakers. The ads may not have been cuddly, but neither are sharp weapons.



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