Tiger Woods to Hold Non-Press Conference: Golfer Goes Public in Non-Event

On Friday, Tiger Woods will make a public statement to a select group of media, and reiterate that none of Thanksgiving Friday’s incident, or the resultant revelations, are anyone’s business but he and his wife’s.


And he isn’t taking questions. Only difference between what he’s gonna do then, and what he has said on his website about same, is on Friday he will be seen saying them. Thus, the big event isn’t.

Were I part of Woods’ Inner Circle, AKA The Fortress of Solitude, I would advise The Brand to repeat, word-for-word, the contrite statement made by the fictional character portrayed by Chris Noth in the new t.v. hit The Good Wife. His admission of guilt was personal, heartfelt, accountable, remorseful, and left light in the tunnel for a public acceptance of a comeback (in the character “Peter Florrick”s case, a political one).



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