Florida’s Beautiful Emerald Shores: Pretty Enough For a First Lady

Michelle Obama got a view yesterday of one of the most breathtaking places in America- Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast. A few weeks ago, I visited with less fanfare, but the same impressions:


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George Steinbrenner: The Boss Is Dead at 80

Tonight’s major league All-Star Game is suddenly a must see, with Yankee owner George Steinbrenner’s death of a heart attack, followingly so closely on the heels of longtime Yankee public address announcer Bob Sheppard (1910-2010).  What gets lost in all the media/SNL/”Seinfeld” characterization of late Yankee boss George Steinbrenner is that he hired the first Black head coach in a modern professional basketball league when he tabbed the legendary Dr. John McClendon to guide the Cleveland Pipers of the fledgling ABL in 1961. More recently (and equally unsung) “The Boss” gave second chances to players such as Wade Boggs, Tim Raines, Dwight Gooden, Jose Canseco, Chuck Knoblauch, Ruben Sierra Roger Clemens and Darryl Strawberry, allowing them to exit the game they loved, with dignity and (world championship) jewelry.


To Sleep, Perchance To Dream(land): Ian Punnett Babbles Incoherently On Air

I wonder what caused popular “Coast to Coast AM” radio host Ian Punnett to ramble incoherently, almost as if he was suddenly talking from a dream, Friday night when he called “…Coast…” colleague George Noory to tease the topic of Ian’s Saturday show:


Punnett neithers drinks nor takes medication, although he has had trouble sleeping of late due to tinnitus (a ringing in his ears). He is as mystified by the stupor-sation as anyone, and has even played the audio for subsequent guests to solicit their opinions. It sounds like sleeptalking, if you’ve ever heard anyone conversing while dreaming. Anyone who has had trouble putting together words like Ian Punnett, may appreciate some assistance from Article Writing Services