To Sleep, Perchance To Dream(land): Ian Punnett Babbles Incoherently On Air

I wonder what caused popular “Coast to Coast AM” radio host Ian Punnett to ramble incoherently, almost as if he was suddenly talking from a dream, Friday night when he called “…Coast…” colleague George Noory to tease the topic of Ian’s Saturday show:

Punnett neithers drinks nor takes medication, although he has had trouble sleeping of late due to tinnitus (a ringing in his ears). He is as mystified by the stupor-sation as anyone, and has even played the audio for subsequent guests to solicit their opinions. It sounds like sleeptalking, if you’ve ever heard anyone conversing while dreaming. Anyone who has had trouble putting together words like Ian Punnett, may appreciate some assistance from Article Writing Services



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