Planning a Vacation? Design Your Dream Tour

Planning that next getaway? Got a vacation golf foursome in mind? Facing challenges organizing a corporate meeting. Let’s discuss your interests, time frame, budget, and meeting or group needs, and select not only a destination, but activities and vendors, suited to your lifestyle. From company retreats to quiet family rentals, together we can tailor a memorable trip. Put my background as a travel writer and radio personality to use. Avail yourself of my industry contacts at resorts, spas, boutique or historic hotels, sales and conventions departments, and national tourism boards. We’ll tell them your needs, they’ll assemble a personalized experience for you, your family, or your staff.

My clients trust me to share information regarding what differentiates the leading resort staffs, spas, restaurants, golf destinations, and bed and breakfasts. Graduations, family reunions, weddings and major sporting events all require thought, planning, consideration of varied participants’ tastes, schedules, and transportation choices. Unlike a travel agent, I’m not beholden to specific vendors or packages- my prime objective is teaming with you or your firm to craft the ideal experience. Let’s design that dream tour together. Ready to go?

Bijan C. Bayne
Lifestyle Journalist


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