Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories: What Happened to Malaysian 777?

As a travel journalist, and even moreso as a human being, I am perplexed by the rampant contradictions between media information concerning Malaysian Airlines Flight 777, and the reports coming from press conferences held by the airline and its government. Within the past few days, the Wall Street Journal has published accounts that the plane’s Rolls Royce engines were still emitting signals after the plane was lost by air traffic control, and that the jet may have traveled as many as 400 miles after its transponders and A-Cars system were turned off. The Malaysians say they were never sent those images that the Chinese national science association purportedly posted as possible wreckage or debris. Yet CNN led both its Anderson Cooper 360 broadcast and Piers Morgan’s interview show with that headline, and it was the basis for the majority of the discussion with expert and industry guests on both shows. Then the Malaysians denied that the pilot or crews’ homes have been searched. What happened to the flight, why are the search areas being widened, rather than narrowed, as the latter is generally the case? And what is the American media basis or source for so many false reports that the Malayasian authorities have struck down, one by one? The most important question is, who deactivated the transponders and other reporting systems, and why?

There have already been so many contradictions and false leads, that when the aircraft is found, and the recodring systems are reviewed, there will still be doubters, and conspiracy theories will abound.



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