Author Kevin Parham on “Martha’s Vineyard Basketball”

Kevin Parham (author of The Vineyard I Knew): I had the pleasure of meeting Bijan for the first time at an event where I picked up a copy of his new book, titled: ‘Martha’s Vineyard Basketball – How a Resort League Defied Notions of Race and Class.’
Not only was I struck by Bijan’s literary acumen, but also by the vast amount of meticulous research that had gone into this informative account.
Though the book focuses primarily on the history of basketball on the Vineyard, when you read it, you’ll discover it to be much more than that. It is a content-rich story; one that offers a unique glimpse of the ‘Vineyard Experience’ from many different perspectives, all cleverly woven together by a common thread that is Martha’s Vineyard basketball.
If you happen to be on the Vineyard on the evening of the 4th, I’d encourage you to stop by Cousen Rose’s and pick up a copy of Bijan’s MUST READ new book…you’ll be glad you did!


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