Living Memories: Memoir Writing Service

As a seasoned historian, feature writer and best selling biographer, I work together with you to document your unique history, or that of a family member colleague. The treasured accounts enrich families, couples, companies or corporations by enlightening us about the youth, education, military service, careers, relationships, athletics, or creativity of the subject. We may either collaborate on the life story, or I provide a ghostwriting service that results in a book under your name. My consultation with you could include reviewing photographs, records, news items, journals, genealogy and oral history. Naturally I research books and magazines, and other material on related topics, often at client’s suggestion. The final product is either designed, printed and self-published, or shopped to publishers, often via a literary agent.

To discuss Living Memories, or learn more, please contact, or call 202-577-6967. I look forward to learning your legacy.